I need an examination extension for my final graduation project or thesis

Are you currently in the process of completing your final examinations and do not yet know how to proceed?
Unfortunately, it was foreseeable that the summer semester 2021 would also not go as we all hoped.
Many students in final exams have again lost valuable time to complete their final graduation projects, and many are inhibited by the pandemic-related restrictions and the accompanying fears and uncertainties.
The Berlin Senate Chancellery has reacted to this and has stipulated throughout Berlin that the universities extend the processing times for examinations appropriately in accordance with their respective examination regulations.

All students, in open examination procedures, who want to, can and in some cases must complete their studies with this summer semester, will be allowed to complete their studies:

Examinations may be taken both online and face-to-face, subject to hygiene regulations. For face-to-face examinations, hygiene concepts must be submitted and participants must be present at the gate with their names, date, time and room so that access can be granted.
Examination dates are set by the respective departments.

For all officially registered examination candidates who are unable to complete their final papers due to the restrictions, extensions without disadvantage shall be granted:
Standard processing deadlines may be used as a guide for extensions:
- BA 4-month extension with start WiSe 21/22.
- MA 6-month extension with start WiSe 21/22
- Diplom Freie Kunst 6-12 month extension with start WiSe 21/22
Exams not passed in SoSe 20, WiSe 20/21 or in SoSe 2021 are considered as not taken.
If you need an extension of the regular study period or the regular graduation exam deadlines set for the summer semester 2021, please write to Leoni Adams: international@kh-berlin.de