What copyrights apply to digital materials that I use in lessons?

Yes, the Copyright Act (UrhG of the Federal Republic of Germany) §60a-h regulates the copyright for digital materials used in university teaching. Teaching materials are remunerated at a flat rate and there are limits to the space and time available. For this purpose, Incom and Moodle offer the possibility to protect access to the course by means of course keys, which are communicated to students at the first session or via chat in a video conference or via messenger or e-mail.

This password protection is essential and must be activated as soon as digital materials from other authors are used. In addition, only the use, digitization, reproduction etc. of up to 15% of a work or the use of a work of minor extent is legal. Illustrations represent works of "minor scope". The penalties of injunctions for copyright infringements quickly reacht ens of thousands of €€€! It is not the university, but the teachers who are liable for their digital course rooms in Incom or Moodle!
In addition, §51 UrhG (duplication, distribution and public reproduction of a published work for the purpose of quotation) applies and §53 UrhG (reproductions for private and other personal use)

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