What is chat? How do I set up and use chat?

Chat (from the English to chat [tʃæt] 'chatting', 'talking'; also online chat) refers to electronic communication 
by means of written text in real time, usually via the Internet. The first form of online chat was offered by 
Compuserve in 1980 in the form of the "CB simulator". The Usenet also had chat functions. Within a chat, 
synchronous and asynchronous communication is possible simultaneously.

A chat can be created in your Moodle course in a few steps:

Log in, go to your course and in the upper right corner "Activate editing".
a "+ Create material or activity" appears in each topic or week box

Click on the link and select "Chat" + "Add name the chat and define chat sessions: open, a date or daily/
weekly recurrence, chat can be recorded optionally, if needed, a large seminar can be divided into groups 
that automatically get their own chat rooms "Save" closes the window and creates the link to the chat, 
"Disable editing" in the upper right corner ends editing mode of the course The chat will appear in your 
digital agenda

Start chat by clicking on chat names

afterwards "enter chat"

on the left the chat posts appear, on the right a list of the chat participants