What is a Wiki? How do I set-up and use a Wiki?

A wiki (Hawaiian for "fast"), also called WikiWiki or WikiWeb, is a website whose content can not only be read by visitors, but also edited and changed directly in the web browser.
The goal is often to gather experience and knowledge collectively (collective intelligence) and to document it in a form understandable to the target group. The authors work together on texts, which may be supplemented by photos or other media (collaborative writing, e-collaboration). This is made possible by a simplified content management system, the so-called Wiki software or Wiki engine.
The best known wiki is the online encyclopaedia Wikipedia, which uses the wiki software MediaWiki. A single 
document, a wiki page, can be changed with a few clicks (Edit button, Change text and Save button).

A wiki can be created in your Moodlekurs in a few steps:

log in, go to your course and in the upper right corner "Switch on editing".
a "+ Create material or activity" appears in each topic or week box

Click on the link and select "Wiki" + "Add

Name the wiki, set the title of the wiki start page and the format of the text editor. We recommend "html". If 
necessary, a large seminar can also be divided into groups that automatically receive their own wikis or work 
on a common wiki. "Save" closes the window and opens the wiki for creating the start page.

Here you can set the title of the start page and the format of the editor.
"Create page" creates the Wiki start page

The contents of the start page can now be edited with the "html" editor. The editor can be switched to fullscreen and a second toolbar can be opened - including list formats. Text in [[double square brackets]] creates a link to a new empty Wiki page. "Save" closes the editor.

The following options are available for further editing:

The "Edit" tab opens the visible Wiki page for further editing in the editor
Clicking the italic link (see above) opens a new, empty page for editing in the editor

Tab "Edit" = open in editor, button "Save" Save and close.