Information on accident insurance - accident notification

Students at Berlin colleges or universities are legally insured against accidents through the Unfallkasse Berlin. In the event of an accident, Unfallkasse Berlin will cover the costs of medical treatment and rehabilitation. This insurance is free of charge for students. The contributions are paid by the state of Berlin.

Accidents that occur in connection with attendance at the university (this also includes journeys to and from the university) and have resulted in medical treatment must be reported immediately to the responsible accident insurance institution (Unfallkasse Berlin) by the university.

In order to ensure a timely report to the accident insurance fund, we depend on the cooperation of the students.

We therefore ask you to report the accident to the Studienberatung using the official form of the Unfallkasse Berlin. The form is also available in the office of the Student Advisory Service (Room A1.09).
If the accident was not reported directly

The university will be contacted directly by the Unfallkasse. The Unfallkasse Berlin must carry out an insurance-law check and subsequently obtain the completed "accident report" form.
In this case, the Student Advisory Service will now contact the student and ask him/her to fill out the accident report attached to the email as accurately as possible (including the location of the accident, if possible, with exact address, and/or e.g. event and context), and to return it as a PDF by email (or mail). The deadline for this is 2 weeks.

In this context, we would like to point out the obligation of the individual student to cooperate. This is because only the person who has suffered the accident himself/herself can provide the necessary information on the course of the accident, which the accident insurance fund requires for a successful audit.

If the accident insurance fund is unable to carry out an examination due to non-response by the student, it can refuse to assume the costs in the individual case to be examined.

This would be very much to the disadvantage of the person who has suffered the accident, because treatment covered by the Unfallkasse Berlin usually serves to ensure that the insured person recovers as quickly as possible and for as long as possible.

You can find further information directly on the website of the

Unfallkasse Berlin!