Fachsemesterzählung: will semester during Covid pandemic count regularly?

The summer semester 2020, the winter semester 2020/21, the summer semester 2021 and winter semester 2021/22 will be counted as regular semester of studies.
However, for students who have not been able to take all scheduled courses and examinations since the summer semester 2020, this does not have a negative effect on compliance with the standard period of study.
Legal certainty is provided by §126a BerlHG, which applies to all four semesters from Summer semester 2020 to Wintersemester 2021/22:
for students who studied in the standard period of study in summer term 2020 or in winter term 20/21 or in summer term 2021 or  winter term 21/22 and were not on leave of absence, an extension of the standard period of study by one semester each applies.
However, when making use of this, please bear in mind that this means that more and more students will be at our school, which will in consequence  severely restrict workshop use and student workrooms in the future, even under normal conditions.
For all following semesters starting with summer semester 2022, §126 a BerlHG no longer applies.
If you require an extension of the standard period of study, please write to Leoni Adams: international@kh-berlin.de

Revised by: Head of Department of Study Affairs, 27.02.2024