Where can I find information on the admission application and which documents do I need to submit?

If you have passed sucessfully the entrance exam, you will receive your result as a message in Campuscore.

1. to check your messages, first log in to the online application portal:
https://cms.kh-berlin.de/login/ with your access data!

2. to get to your mailbox, click on the inbox button at the top right of the start page or click on "Show mailboxes" under entry points.

3. select the most recent message "Zugangsprüfung bestanden".

4. in the message with the subject "Zugangsprüfung bestanden" you will find the cover letter and the checklist for the application for admission to studies. To open or download the attachment, simply click on the paperclip symbol.

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Step 3

If you have any questions about the application for admission, please contact: ref-stud@kh-berlin.de

Created by: Study Advisory Service, 20.02.2024