How long is my admission valid?

Applicants who wish to start their studies later can apply for a postponement of admission in Campuscore.

The artistic entrance examination is valid for 3 years. If you only wish to apply for admission for one of the following years (admission can be applied for until the winter semester 2026/27 at the latest), you are welcome to select the desired admission period in Campuscore.

To do this, first log in to the online application portal: with your access data!

Go to the "Application" tab on the left-hand side and then select the "Select Applciation Period" form on the top!

Here you can edit under "Academic period for which the admission application will be filled" and choose your study year and save the form in Campsucore.

Please mind:
Please do not send us any documents if you are postponing your place of study; the online application for admission can only be sent in the desired year. Important note: If you do not enrol at the university within two years of passing the entrance examination, proof of aptitude may be requested again.

Created by: Study Advisory Service, 20.02.2024