How do I submit my application for admission to Campuscore?

Dear applicants,
You can submit your application for admission for the winter semester 2024/25 until March 31, 2024
if you have received the message "Zugangsprüfung bestanden" ("Passed the entrance examination".) 

Here you will find the individual steps for submitting your admission on Campuscore

Step 1 - Register
Please first log in to the online application portal Campuscore with your access data!

Step 2 - Check the message " Zugangsprüfung bestanden ".
To get to your mailbox, please click on the inbox button at the top right of the homepage or click on "Show mailboxes" under entry points.

2.1. Select the most recent message " Zugangsprüfung bestanden". In this message you will find the cover letter and the checklist for the application for admission to study.

2.2. To open or download the attachment, simply click on the paperclip symbol.

Step 3 - Manage applications
3.1 Click on "Applications" in the left-hand column to access the applications you have created.
Now select the relevant application to add your details.

You are now in the overview. Here you can check which forms are complete or still need to be revised. Please check the individual forms for correctness and complete, edit or change your details. You can access the individual forms by clicking on the individual tabs/forms above and editing them if necessary. Information that was entered when you registered for the admission test has already been entered.

Step 4 - Submit admission application
You can submit your application for admission for the winter semester 24/25 under the "Apply for admission" tab/form.
Please check your details carefully and submit your application for admission via the green button " Submit application for admission". (Deadline 31.03.2024)

IMPORTANT: The admission period is preset for winter semester 24/25.
If you would like to start your studies later, please click on the tab "Select admission period", see next image

4.1 Postponing the admission period
Only for applicants who want to start their studies later, click on the tab "Select admission application period" and then select the "Academic period for which the admission application will be filled" Please do not send us any documents if you postpone the admission period to a later year; the online application for admission can also only be sent in the desired year. 

Important note: If you do not submit the application for admission within 3 years (by winter semester 26/27 at the latest) after passing the entrance examination at the university, proof of aptitude may be requested again.

Step 5 - Submitting your documents
If you have submitted the online application, please do not forget to send us the required documents (see checklist!) by 31.03.2024:
Office of Student Affairs
weißensee academy of art berlin
Bühringstraße 20 | 13086 Berlin

We look forward to receiving your application for admission for the winter semester 2024/25!

Created by: Student Advisory Service, 20.02.2024