How do I activate the Adobe CC (Creative Cloud) University License?

The first time you launch any of the Adobe CC (Creative Cloud), an Adobe account is required. You can use an already existing account at your own risk. (There may be mixing/problems with existing Adobe subscriptions.) We recommend creating a new (fake) account. You only need to provide an email address, but it must work - a code to use may come back (otherwise no personal information is needed except a date of birth - can also be fake, provide anything over 18). As an example we show the procedure when starting Photoshop.
>>>> If no program is installed, please start Creative Cloud, then log in as described here and then install the programs. This may take some time and requires a faster internet access.
Adobe asks you to log in to the Creative Cloud. You choose "Create account" (1).

You enter the requested data (2) and click "Create account" (3).

The start window of Photoshop appears. You choose "Create new" (4).

You enter the parameters of your image file.

Also the other Adobe programs and the access to your Creative Cloud now work with this account.