How to generade and transmit grade transcriptes to the Office of Study Affairs

1 - in the workspaces left menu select »Grades and Transcript« (if this button is not available to you, your workspace is not marked as course, jet --> see here)
2 - add grades. (Grading will be numeric or verbal depending on the department students assigned themself to within Incom)
(If there are no modules listed, jet you need to add modules to your workspace --> see here)

3 - Add the date of Exam/achievement. (this is mandatory)
4 - after finalising the grades check the check-box: »grades are final and can be communicated«. Grads will then be automaticly send over to the Office of Study Affairs
5 - To safe and transmit your Settings press »done«
! Always leave this page by using the »done« button. otherwise, data will be lost!
optional: For personal documentation users can download the transcript as .pdf or .csv. (not needed)
It is possible to add multiple modules to transcript.

last edited: tomek; 09.2022