Where do I see my missing or completed course credits?

Dear students,

if you want to get an overview of missing credits or credits already recorded, simply log into  Campuscore and follow the screenshot attached below!

You must first
> click on the tab "Studies",
> then click on the tab "Study programs",
> then select your study program
> then click on the tab "Transcript"

Initially, the Study Book will only display one line, but you can use the "+" icon in front of it to continue opening your Study Book step by step.
All study book achievements that have been completed are indicated by a green check mark.

Here you can also easily download your study documentation / transcript of records yourself by going to the actions on the top right (Icon: arrow with 3 lines) and clicking on "Generate transcript of records".

In order to be able to answer your inquiries regarding study achievements and/or examination matters as quickly as possible, please send them to us exclusively at:

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