My login doesn't work...

For students of weißensee school of art berlin: your username is your university email address (

For applicants: Your username is the email address you used to register on Campuscore.

on the login page of Campuscore you will find the link: "set new password", Just click on it, a small form will open, in which you enter your university email address (user*name) and below your SMS-enabled phone number: it is very important that the phone number is registered in Campuscore, otherwise you will not receive an SMS with the password reset code.
If both entries are correct, click on continue, a new form will open and you will receive the reset code via SMS (this may take a little moment!) Please enter the reset code in the form, the user*name should be preset and enter your new password, confirm it in the line below your new password and click on continue, after that you can immediately log back into Campuscore.

If you are not sure which is correct your email address or which telephone number is registered in Campuscore, please send an email to Susan Lipp: or just phone: +49-30-47705-342