How do I request a website for my project?

You can apply for a project website that is located on a subdomain of the university website. A subdomain is a website that is connected to another website and therefore also shares the back part of the internet address with the parent website.
The URL is composed of the project name (freely selectable) and the root URL "".
The address "" is also possible, the subdomains must then be structured as follows:
Even if the website shares the address with the parent site, the website itself is independent - the design and content are independent of the parent site.

If you apply for a subdomain, we recommend that you work with Wordpress, which we have installed. With Wordpress you can create websites quickly and without programming skills. If you wish, a theme (predefined design) is already installed here, which allows you to customize your Wordpress site and publish content in a short time. For this purpose we have created a detailed Wordpress-Guide.
Unfortunately we can't offer support for questions about website programming.

To apply for a project website on send a mail to with the following information:

   Desired domain according to the pattern : ____________________________
   and [ ] / or [ ]
   Desired domain according to the pattern : ____________________________

   Responsible person(s): __________________________________________

Expected duration: __________________________________________
   [ ] with wordpress
   [ ] with khb-theme

   Processing after project end:
   [ ] Redirect to project on KHB website or incom
   [ ] redirect to other website
   [ ] deletion only

When the domain is available and all information is in place, you will receive the credentials for an admin account to the WordPress installation.
⚠️ Unfortunately, the computer studio does not have the capacity to help with the implementation of the website, so basic web skills are necessary/helpful.