We have a research or exhibition project and need a website. what can we do?

Third-party funded projects, research projects, exhibition projects or other initiatives at weißensee kunsthochschule berlin can get a basic infrastructure for a website for their project free of charge.

The support consists of two components

- an own internet address (URL) as a subdomain of the weißensee website. The URL is composed of the project name (freely selectable) and the root URL .kh-berlin.de. For example, the subdomain of the +dimensions project is https://plusdimensions.kh-berlin.de/.

- an own webspace for the data/contents of the website. The web space can be provided either completely empty with a SFTP access, or with a pre-installed WordPress with a KHB theme (basic style and functionality).
(image: WordPress khb-theme)

The project website can be requested through the Computer Studio (the web administrators). Unfortunately, the computer studio does not have the capacity to help with the implementation of the website, so basic web skills are necessary/helpful.

Autor: Tomek, last edit: 10.2022